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My Top 3 Podcast Recommendations

Jim Cockrum has been in the reselling business since 1997.  His business mission in life is to assist those who have an entrepreneurial heart and help them build sustainable income streams online.  Jim helps run a combined $25 million annual sales empire!  Don’t wait, listen today!

In 2008, Steve Raiken was headed down the wrong road…overweight with a bad smoking habit, in trouble with the law, and broke!  He changed that all and now helps others build multiple streams of income online.  Listen now!

Reezy makes on average $75,000/year running his Amazon FBA business with him and his team.  He comes from a very humble and poverty-stricken background.  He specializes in Retail Arbitrage (RA) and focuses primarily on selling books.  Check him out, today!

My Top 3 FaceBook Group Recommendations

Jim Cockrum and his team run a 30,000+ member FaceBook group who actively and freely assist any online seller, author or entrepreneur with online business questions.  Don’t wait, check out Jim and his incredible group, today!

Reezy Resells specializes in books and shoes on Amazon.  He comes from a humble, poverty-stricken background and runs an incredible online community teaching others how to do the same.  Don’t miss him, check out his group now!

Perry and Kim have 13 children!  Yes, 13!  They have been selling on the Amazon FBA platform since October 2014.  In 2015, their 1st full year in business, they sold nearly $500,000 on Amazon.  In 2016, they sold $1,000,000!  Check them out!

My Top 3 YouTube Channel Recommendations

Tracy Smith is a mother to eight children, an entrepreneur, an educator, a lover of adventure, and a believer in BIG dreams!  She teaches people how to work from home by showing them step-by-step how to create an online business.  Check her out, today!

Reezy teaches other online sellers how to sell online using very easy, teachable methods; he’s all about the ‘hustle’.  He comes from a background of poverty and has built an online empire!  Don’t miss out on his incredible knowledge!

Steve Raiken’s whole goal is to help others.  He wants to teach you everything he has learned over the years and give you the tools necessary to succeed and create the life of your dreams!  Check him out, today!

My Top 3 Blog Recommendations

Jessica Larrew has extensive knowledge in the Amazon FBA world.  Back in 2008, she lost her corporate job and shortly after she began selling on Amazon.  My personal introduction into Amazon FBA was with Jessica.  I listened to her interview on the Smart Passive Income Podcast, Episode 99 and that was all I needed to find my own way out of the corporate world.  She’s a wealth of knowledge, don’t miss her!

Ryan Grant grew up in a small town in Minnesota and began selling his college textbooks on Amazon in 2008 as a way to supplement his college expenses.  He went on to quit his full-time Accountant corporate job in 2013.  He now runs a 7 figure Amazon FBA business with several employees.  Ryan is a very humble and hard working man.  You will learn a lot from his successes and failures!  Check him out, today!

Stephen Smotherman and his wife Rebecca run the popular blog, Full-Time FBA.  Stephen started selling on Amazon in 2011 when he was down on his luck, newly divorced and unemployed desperately looking to take care of his family.  His FBA journey turned into a full-time job and he hasn’t looked back since.  Learn about his Amazon success, today!