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Must-Have Start-Up Tools

Shipping Scale

  • SMART DESIGN Scale has a wide platform for weighing small to large boxes with a long extendable cord making the LCD display easy to read!
  • MANY FEATURES Superior accuracy, high capacity, low battery indicator, backlit LCD.
  • EASY TO STORE Lightweight and can be placed easily on a desk, floor or hang on a wall!

Dymo Printer

  • THERMAL PRINTING TECHNOLOGY Eliminates the need for expensive ink or toner!
  • PC AND MAC READY Compatible with Windows 7 or later and MacOS 10.9 or later.
  • USER-FRIENDLY Works great with InventoryLab software.  Easily print individual labels for your products eliminating the need to print full sheet labels from a messy inkjet printer!

Scotty Peeler Label Remover

  • ELIMINATE BROKEN FINGERNAILS Makes peeling off sticky labels easy!
  • PLASTIC No metal; don’t worry about cutting yourself or your product boxes.
  • EASY TO USE Non-stick surface for easy label removal and comfortable to hold and use!

Box Resizer

  • SAVE MONEY You don’t need additional packing material, just cut your boxes down to the correct size!
  • MUST-HAVE TOOL We waited a year and a half before we bought a resizer thinking we didn’t need it, boy were we wrong.
  • EASY TO USE Resize any box effortlessly in only a few minutes!

Packing Tape Dispenser

  • EASY TO USE Lightweight and very easy to use; allows you to pack, seal, and cover anything in no time without tiring your hands!
  • ADJUSTABLE BRAKE Allows you to control the tension while taping.
  • SIMPLE ROLL THREADING Side-loading design makes it easy and safe for everyone to use.  The small metal flap easily flips down making threading new rolls a breeze!

Packing Tape Refills

  • ULTRA ADHESIVE AND 10X STRONGER Get optimal results with this super adhesive, extremely durable clear tape!
  • STANDARD SIZE FITS ALL Perfect for everyday use with a tape dispenser or to cut with scissors.
  • GET MORE FOR LESS With each roll having approximately 60 yards of tape, this heavy duty tape is a true value!

Removable Multipurpose Labels

  • FOLLOW AMAZON TOS (terms of service) Amazon requires you to cover all product barcodes with white labels and they also require them to be removable!
  • REMOVABLE labels adhere to any smooth surface, including paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, wood, and metal.
  • EASY TO USE The multipurpose labels stick, stay, and remove cleanly!

Alcohol Wipes

  • EASY TO USE Easily removes permanent marker and sticky residue from almost any surface!
  • 70% ALCOHOL 300 medium 2-ply prep pads for ease of convenience.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED Keeps the wipes from drying out so you can be sure that each and every wipe has the maximum effect!

My Top 2 Software Recommendations

  • Conveniently and efficiently list all of your Amazon FBA inventory, track your accounting, and run valuable reports.
  • User-friendly and great support!
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  • Bonus!  FREE Scoutify mobile sourcing app with your subscription!


  • Reprice Faster and Win the Buy Box!
  • Save time.  Save money.  Sell more.
  • Let Bqool reprice your products 24/7 and control the buy box.  Sell in your sleep!
  • FREE trial and then $25.00/month; cancel anytime.

My Top 2 Course Recommendations

  • Jim Cockrum has been in the reselling business since 2002.  He and his team are well-known leaders in the Amazon industry with years of experience backing them!
  • Nearly 10X more success stories than any other Amazon selling course on the market!
  • Small price, BIG value!
  • Check out Jim’s FREE Facebook group where he has over 40,000 members raving about him, his team, the PAC course, and the endless support, help, and knowledge!

  • Jessica Larrew has been a long time Amazon FBA seller and a trusted member of the Amazon community.  She is a wealth of knowledge and very resourceful!
  • Her course is broken down into simple, detail orientated, easy to follow steps for the first-time Amazon FBA learner.
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